Vaccination/Sterilization benefits available for CT Low Income Residents and Companion Pets

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In FY 2007, P.A. No. 07-105 authorized the Animal Population Control Program (APCP) to set aside up to 10% of APCP income to be used to vaccinate and sterilize pets owned by CT Low-Income residents.   Beginning in FY 2014, P.A. No. 13-99 (effective 7/1/13) increased from 10% to 20% the amount of yearly APCP income that may be used for sterilizing and vaccinating dogs and cats owned by low-income people.  Funding for the APCP comes from an annual surcharge on Connecticut dog licenses ($2.00 sterilized/$6.00 unsterilized), the $45.00 adoption fee from the Municipal Pound Program, proceeds from the sale of the "Caring for Pets" commemorative license plates and donations.

To be eligible for benefits, recipients must be a Connecticut resident and on one of six public assistance programs outlined in C.G.S. Sec. 22-380e and approved by the Department of Social Services.  Once approved, vouchers are then issued by the APCP to low-income recipients for up to two pets.  All vouchers are good for sixty (60) days. 

Effective 7/1/16, the Animal Population Control Program has initiated the agency’s Low-Income vaccination/sterilization benefits program for companion pets.

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