Aquifer Protection Agency

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Hours of Operation

The Aquifer Protection Agency meets as needed.  Therefore, special meetings will be noticed as required under FOI but there is no schedule of regular meetings.

For information or questions regarding the Aquifer Protection Agency please contact:



Hours: Monday thru Thursday 8 am - 4 pm

Friday 8 am - 1 pm


PO Box 316
New Hartford, CT 06057
United States

The members of the Town of New Hartford Planning and Zoning Commission also serve as the Aquifer Protection Agency.   The 5 elected regular members and 3 elected alternate members, each serve a 5 year term.

This Agency was established by Ordinance 04-1 effective April 30, 2004 in accordance with the provisions of Connecticut General Statutes Section 22a-354a and is charged with maintaining an inventory of land use within the aquifer protection area to assess potential contamination sources.





Agency Members - Current Terms of Office

Name Title
Theodore Stoutenberg (R) Chairman
David Krimmel (R) Member
Daniel E. LaPlante (R) Member
Martin J. Post (D) Member
James E. Steadman (D) Member
Thomas J. McLoughlin (D) Alternate Member
VACANCY * Alternate Member
Peter A. Ventre (R) Alternate Member

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael Lucas (860) 379-7677
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