Property Revaluation

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In conjunction with the 2018 revaluation, inspectors may be seen in town. If you have a question as to whether a person is inspecting, feel free to call the First Selectman's office or the Assessor's office.

Connecticut General Statutes require that revaluations be done every five years. Physical inspections must be done every ten years.

New Hartford conducted its last Revaluation for the 2013 Grand List.

Please remember that any revaluation is a "snapshot in time" to ensure that all residents are paying a fair and equitable share of taxes. Assessment values remain at the revaluation assessment unless a change is made to the property until the next revaluation.

Revaluation is an equalization process during which each property is valued at its fair market value (by statute) at a point in time to determine each taxpayer's portion of the budget.