Asset Evaluation Subcommittee

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PO Box 316
New Hartford, CT 06057
United States

The Board of Selectmen have appointed residents to serve on an Asset Evaluation Subcommittee.  This committee has been charged with investigating the possible sale of assets of the water and/or sewer systems.  Membership consists of two representatives from the WPCA, the First Selectman and two at large members one being a user and one a non-user.

The charge of this Subcommittee includes the following:

  1. To gain a working knowledge of all town owned water and sewer assets,
  2. review and or modify the proposed RFP for sale of said assets and make a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen pertaining to the release of said RFP;
  3. review all submitted proposals obtained from the release of the RFP for the sale of said assets, and
  4. make a final recommendation to the Board of Selectmen pertaining to the sale of said assets.



Subcommittee Members

Name Title
Denton Butler (U) Subcommittee Member
Daniel V. Jerram (R) Subcommittee Member
Joseph Toro (R) Subcommittee Member
Tom Hart (D) Subcommittee Member
Kim Estep (R) Subcommittee Member
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