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When are Building Permits Required?
A building permit is required for all new homes or structures, additions, renovations, sheds, decks, roofs, and swimming pools.

When are HVAC Permits Required?
HVAC permits are required for all  Heating or Air Conditioning (HVAC) work that is to be done. This includes but is not limited to all new services (for renovations or new homes), wood/pellet stove insulations and repairs.

Who should take out the permit?
The licensed contractor should take out the permit and present the building official with a copy of his/her license. A homeowner is allowed to take out the permit in his/her name if they are doing the work themselves - please call the Building Official for details.

Building Permits for New Homes, renovations, and additions:
The General Contractor hired should take out the Building Permit. If the homeowner takes the permit out in his/her name, they become the General Contractor and are responsible to check for proper licenses and insurance from the contractors they hire.

Building Permits for sheds, decks and repairs:
If the homeowner is completing the work themselves, they are required to take out the Buildng Permit. If they hire someone, the permit may be taken out in either the homeowner's or the contractor's name. If the homeowner takes out the permit, they are responsible to check for proper licenses and insurance for the contractors they hire.

What is required to get a Building Permit?
Before a builidng permit will be granted for any new home, barn, shed or other structure which increases the footprint of the existing structure the following is required:

  1. Inland Wetlands and Zoning Approvals (Please see Land Use for details or call Rista Malanca at 860-379-7677.)
  2. For any property which has a well and/or septic Farmington Valley Health District (FVHD) approval must be granted. To contact FVHD please call 860-352-2333.
  3. Two copies of the building plans must be submitted for the Building Official to review.

When are Inspections Required?
Click here for all of the following required inspections. If you have any questions please call the Buildng Department at 860-379-8830.