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New Hartford is home to several land preserves with hiking and walking trails as well as Nepaug State Forest.

Antolini Woods

is located off Antolini Road just past the South End Fire Station.  Antolini Road meets Route 202 at the intersection with Town Hill Road or Route 219.  Click here for the Antolini Woods trail map.

Brodie Park South

is located on Niles Road just south of West Hill Road.  Parking is available off Niles Road or across West Hill Road in the lot for Berkshire Hall.  Click here for the Brodie Park South trail map.

Jones Mountain

is located on Steele Road.  Click here for the Jones Mountain trail map.

Nepaug State Forest

is located on Route 202 3.1 miles west of the junction of Route 202 and Route 44.  There is no parking fee.  Activities include Biking, Camping, Cross-Country Skiing, Fishing, Hiking, Letterboxing and Hunting.