Budget passes: 265 YES 91 NO

Next Step: Mill rate will be set for the 2017-2018 fiscal year; Tax Office will prepare tax bills (motor vehicle, motor vehicle supplement and second installment of real estate and 2nd installment of personal property) Bills are expected to be mailed the end of December
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2nd installment of real estate tax bills will reflect an adjustment made to include an increase in the mill rate.

For those residents who wish to pay their taxes prior to the year end (December 31, 2017), you may call the Tax Office at 860-379-5795 and the Tax Collector will be able to calculate your taxes owed.

Bills will be processed during the month of December and it is anticipated that they will be mailed out during the last week of December. It is not necessary for you to wait until you receive a paper bill to pay your taxes, you may call ahead.

Please call the tax office for assistance 860-379-5795.