Budgets Passed - Butler Farm Preservation Approved

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Following the Budget Referendum on May 8, 2018, the Town of New Hartford Budget including the General Government, New Hartford Board of Education and Capital Expenditures was accepted by 485 Yes votes to 102 No votes.  District 1 had 243 Yes votes and 49 No votes.  District 2 had 242 Yes votes and 53 No votes.

The Regional School District No. 7 Annual Budget was accepted in New Hartford by 436 Yes votes to 152 No votes.  New Hartford District 1 had 222 Yes votes and 69 No votes.  New Hartford District 2 had 214 Yes votes and 83 No votes.

The Butler Farm Preservation Project was approved by 505 Yes votes to 92 No votes.  District 1 had 262 Yes votes and 36 No votes.  District 2 had 243 Yes votes and 56 No votes.