Police remind residents to lock doors and vehicles; Do not leave keys or valuables in your car.

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Resident Trooper Figueiral would like to let New Hartford residents know that there has been an increase in break ins and car thefts in surrounding towns in recent weeks. Some areas of New Hartford have also been targeted; with a vehicle theft occurring within the last week.
The police are asking that residents remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity, persons, or anything 'strange or unusual.'  Keeping outdoor lights on at night can help to deter individuals from targeting your home.
Do not leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicles. LOCK your vehicles and remove your keys, Do not assume that your car is 'untouchable if it is in the garage - the vehicle stolen last week was in the garage!
Do not assume "it won't happen to me." - take all necessary precautions to protect your home and your valuables. Lights on, doors locked, notify police when you are on vacation so that they can keep an eye on your house while you are gone (vacation house check forms are available by calling 860-379-3389).
Let's work together to keep New Hartford safe!