The Bears Are Back! It's time to remove your bird feeders and keep your garbage out of reach!

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Recently, there have been several calls made to Town Hall regarding bear sightings. The DEEP does maintain a record of sightings and encourages you to report a bear sighting.  You can call 860-424-3333 to do so.  Unless there is a threat to residents, there is not much that can be done about bears in your neighborhood.  Bears are native to this area and it is important to remember that they are here!
In order to reduce the likelihood of a close encounter with a bear, it is necessary to remove things that they find attractive --especially bird feeders and garbage.
Refuse containers should be kept inside of a garage or shed, if possible.
Please try to limit the amount of time that your garbage might be accessible to a bear. Try not to take your garbage to the curb until the morning of your pick up day.
If a bear does get into your garbage, please be considerate of your neighbors and pick up the mess they have made.  This will deter them from coming back to the same location and will keep your neighbors happy.

For general information regarding bears; visit the Department of Environmental and Energy page on the state website.