West Hill Pond Dam Repairs Needed - Contributions Requested

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The West Hill Pond Association would like to make residents aware of an issue with the dam at the north end of West Hill Pond which could impact downstream properties.  During last year's drought it was noticed that water continued to drain from the lake when the dam gate was closed.  This issue places properties at risk for flooding damage downstream and could potentially impact the depth of the pond should the dam fail. 

The Trustees of the West Hill Pond Association who represent the member associations, Scout Camps and the Towns of New Hartford and Barkhamsted have completed a bidding process to select an engineering firm to make the necessary repairs in early October by lowering the water level so that work can be completed before the first frost.  Initial cost estimates for the repairs range from $50,000 to $80,000 and while the towns of Barkhamsted and New Hartford have agreed to provide highway crews and materials for the area surrounding the project no State or Municipal funding will be available.  Accordingly, the bulk of the financial burden for the reconstruction of the dam will be borne by those who live on or enjoy the use of the lake.  This is why donations to fund the dam repairs are essential.

Please make a contribution today to preserve our treasured lake.

Make your CHECK payable to West Hill Pond Association - which is set up as a Charitable Nonprofit Organization - 501(c)(3) - and mail it to:

PO Box 1057
New Hartford, CT  06057

or you can contribute using your Credit Card, Debit Card, or Paypal account via the GoFundMe account for West Hill Pond at the link below:


Your contribution to the Association is tax deductible as per IRS guidelines.

Click here for a letter from Pete Humphrey, President of the West Hill Lake Shore Property Owners Association providing additional information.

As the timeline progresses, check the West Hill Pond Association's website for the latest information: WestHillPond.org.