Inland Wetlands Commission

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Hours of Operation

Inland Wetland Commission Meets the First Wednesday of every  month at  7:00 PM in the New Hartford Town Hall, 530 Main Street.

For information or questions regarding Wetlands or Watercourses please contact:



Hours:      Monday thru Thursday 8am - 4pm

Friday 8am - 1pm

The Inland Wetlands Commission consists of a seven regular members and two alternate members.  Each member serves a three year term and is appointed by the Board of Selectmen. 

This Commission is charged with protecting the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses within the Town of New Hartford.   These Inland Wetlands and Watercourses are "an an interrelated web of nature essential to adequate supply of surface and underground water; the hydrological stability and control of flooding and erosion; to the recharging and purification of groundwater; and to the existence of many forms of animal, aquatic and plant life."

In order to protect these valuable resources The Commission reviews, by way of a wetlands application,   "any operation or use of a wetland or watercourse involving removal or disposition of material, or any obstruction, construction, alteration or pollution of such wetlands or watercourses, and any earth-moving, filling construction or clear-cutting of trees within 100 feet of watercourses or wetlands..."


Commission Members - Current Terms of Office

Name Title
James C. Hall (R) Chairman
Gerald Tabaka (D) Commission Member
Anne Hall (U) Commission Member
Karl Hermonat (D) Commission Member
Lou Moscaritolo (D) Commission Member
Nancy Schroeder-Perez (D) Commission Member
Steven Unger (D) Commission Member
VACANCY * Commission Member, Alternate
VACANCY * Commission Member, Alternate

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ruth Mulcahy (860) 379-7677
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