Tax Collector

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Hours of Operation

Office Hours:

Monday  9 am - noon & 12:30 - 4 pm
Tuesday 9 am - noon & 12:30 - 4 pm
Wednesday 9 am - noon & 12:30 - 4 pm
Thursday 9 am - noon & 12:30 - 4 pm
Friday 9 am - 1 pm 

Depending upon coverage, the office may be open during lunch.  Please call ahead if you plan to visit during the lunch period.








530 Main Street PO Box 402
New Hartford, CT 06057-0402
United States

If you need DMV clearance to register a vehicle, you may pay by credit or debit card using this link and call the office to request that your clearance be processed.  However, payment by eCheck requires a waiting period of 10 business days before clearance can be processed.

Please note:  IRS Payment Records are also available on this link.

New Hartford takes pride in having a "user-friendly" tax office.  Don't hesitate to call this office if you have any questions.

New Hartford has three Fire Districts that levy their own tax.  The Town of New Hartford does NOT have access to Fire District Information; those bills are NOT collected at Town Hall.  To identify in which Fire District your property is located, you may look at your tax bill (using the link above) or your property card (available via link from the Assessor's page). 

District 1 - New Hartford Village Fire
District 3 - Pine Meadow Fire
District 4 - South End Fire

Click here for Contact Information and Mill Rates
for the Fire District Tax Collectors.

If you would like to receive email notification when urgent alerts or notices are posted, please select Tax Collector under News or Announcement and Urgent Alert under Subscribe to News from the Town Home page.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Linda M. Sheffield (D) Certified Tax Collector (860) 379-5795
Karen Wieduwilt Tax Collector's Assistant (860) 379-5795
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