Land Records

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The New Hartford Town Clerk is making searching easier. By making its records available online, you are now able to search wherever you have the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—even during major holidays. Search from your office, from your home, or even from another state. Search at your convenience.

The Index of Land Records including images back to 1956 are available online through the Cott portal. The Index of Maps and Surveys is available online beginning 07/14/1978 and images will become available as workload permits staff to load them.  Until then, copies can be viewed and purchased in the Town Clerk's office.  You may also request copies by mail if you enclose the appropriate fee and a self addressed stamped envelope.

Click here to access the Land Records Index

Effective immediately, death certificates will no longer be accepted for recording on the land records.  To satisfy the requirements of CGS 45a-322, an affidavit may be filed indicating the name of the decedent, the date and place of death and whether the decedent had a will at the time of death.


The Town of New Hartford is accepting e-recordings through Corporation Service Company (866-652-0111), eRecording Partners (888-325-3365), Indecomm Global (651-765-6400)
 and Simplifile (800-460-5657).  Customers interested in submitting instruments electronically may contact the Clerk's office to obtain a customer id number and work with any of these vendors to establish a verified relationship for same day electronic recordings.



All Fees must be PrePaid - Cash, Check or Money Orders accepted

Recording Fees:

Deeds, Mortgages, Liens, Releases and all other      
legal documents to be recorded on the Land Records:                                        

$60.00 first page of document effective 12/1/2017

  $5.00 each consecutive page
  $2.00 each transfer with conveyance tax due
Assignment by nominee of mortgagee as assignor
or Release of Mortgage by nominee of mortgagee:
$159.00 per document
Any Document submitted by nominee except Assignment
or Release specified above:

$159.00 first page
$5.00 each consecutive page


Conveyance Tax:

Town of New Hartford

All categories                                           .0025 x consideration

State of Connecticut

residential property & unimproved land .0075 x consideration
residential dwelling over $800,000 .0075 x $800,000 +
  .0125 x amount over
non-residential except unimproved land .0125 x consideration

Map Recording Fees

In accordance with Conn. Gen Statutes 7-31, maps to be recorded shall be drawn in ink or printed on mylar and shall be 36" long x 24" wide or 18" long by 12" wide or 18" long x 24" wide and bear the seal and certification of the surveyor.

  Currently Effective 7/1/2018
Subdivision Map of 3 or more parcels $20.00 $30.00
All other survey/boundary maps $10.00 $20.00


Copies of recorded land record documents $1.00 per page
Copies of Survey Maps (digitized) $1.00 each
Copies of Survey Maps (wide format) $5.00 each
Hand held/battery powered scanner $20.00 per occasion
Certification of documents or maps $2.00 per instrument