Zoning Board of Appeals

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PO Box 316
New Hartford, CT 06057
United States

This Board has three main functions:

1.) to hear property owners seeking either dimensional or use variances who claim that Town regulations are too stringent and prevent a reasonable use of their land;

2.) to hear appeals to overturn decisions by the Town’s Zoning
Enforcement Officer; and,

3.) to act as a State agent in granting location permits for car repair licenses and auto dealerships.

It does not hear appeals from people seeking to overturn decisions of the Planning and Zoning Commission. They must appeal to the courts.

The Board has five members serving five year terms with three alternates. Vacancies are filled by Selectmen to the end of term.

Board Members - Current Terms of Office

Name Title
Mary Lou Rayno (D) Chairman
Bert Brander (R) Board Member
Lewis W. Chappel (R) Board Member
N. Scott Goff (R) Board Member
Paul R. Griffin (D) Board Member
John Joseph Rouleau, Jr. (R) Board Member, Alternate
Keith Schaufler (R) Board Member, Alternate
John Stuart Wilhelm (D) Board Member, Alternate
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